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Mon Petit Bebe

Organic Discover the incredible organic PIMA cotton and what makes it antiallergic and safe for the sensitive skin of your baby.


Why organique?

The easiest answer to this question is: because I do not want cotton with fibres containing residues of pesticides, synthetic dyes and unfamiliar gens.

Organic cotton comes from biologically clean plantations and is free of all Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). The entire process of cotton cultivation has to comply with the rigorous requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Organic cotton plantations gain their organic certificate three years after the soil had been cultivated fully free of chemical fertilizers. Only environmental friendly and biodegradable substances are allowed during the ecological/organic cotton cultivation process. These include citric acid, naturally insecticide garlic and chilli peppers, lucerne, fertilising manure and whey for insects. Additionally, the cotton flowers can be picked by hand. Not only organic cotton cultivation process is supervised but also its subsequent processing.

There can be no synthetic bleaches used, while only natural, vegetable-based dyes are allowed during the dyeing process. Thank to that the fibres of organic cotton are noticeably stronger and are not weakened by strong cleaning chemicals and dyes. As a result of this rigid production regime, organic cotton fabrics maintain their delicate feel, breathability and have a pleasant scent. They are also safe and do not cause allergies and irritations, which is particularly important when in contact with the delicate baby skin.

The organic cotton production process can also be awarded a Fair Trade certificate, confirming its adherence to employment laws in the third world countries which guarantees not only safety of the product itself but most importantly health of the farmers and their environment.

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