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Organic Discover the incredible organic PIMA cotton and what makes it antiallergic and safe for the sensitive skin of your baby.


Organic PIMA cotton

PIMA cotton (lac. Gossypium barbadense) is the most exclusive organic cotton in the world. It comes from Peruvian plantations biologically free of any contaminative substances, while its cultivation is subject to the highest standards. Our cotton providers have gained the most rigorous certificates for organic cotton, e.g. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fair Trade.

Thanks to its extra long staple, PIMA cotton is incredibly soft and smooth, keeps its pristine look, smells beautifully and behaves incredibly well in washing. It also has great warming features and is characterised by high durability, which is particularly important after multiple washes.

Due to its high price, PIMA cotton belongs to the miniscule percentage of world’s cotton production. It is an ideal raw material for super soft, high quality yarns and fabrics. Because of its silky softness and overall comfort while in use, it has become one of the world’s most luxurious raw material. In the global textile market, organic PIMA cotton became a leader of organic fabrics leaving behind Indian, Turkish and Chinese cotton.

The PIMA colour grown cotton can be found in the shades of beige as well as brown and green. Consequently, we can use contrasting colours schemes without the use of any dyes. The cotton bush is a tropical multi-season plant, which for its proper growth demands a lot of sunny days, high air humidity as all as tropical rain. This is why Peru is an ideal place for its cultivation. A PIMA cotton bush is also naturally less susceptible to various insects. In the traditional Surinam medicine, the leaves of gossypium barbadense have been used for healing purposes.

The first signs of PIMA cotton go back to year 4200 BC and were discovered in Ancón, a small town on the coast of Peru. However, already in the first century Anno Domini, the cotton flowers picked by locals were exactly the same as today.

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