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Mon Petit Bebe

About us Find out more about the family-owned compnay Mon Petit Bébé offering organic and elegant babywear made from 100% PIMA cotton.


About us

Mon Petit Bébé is a family run business with 100% Polish capital behind it. Quite simply, everyday life gave us the idea of creating Mon Petit Bébé. Our life choices and decisions have always been shaped by an environmentally conscious attitude. We did not simply succumbed into the eco-driven trend, which seems to be exploited everywhere in today’s textile market, but instead wanted to build awareness of the dangers, which today’s world is exposing us to. A few years spent abroad have brought us to a conclusion that to live your life in an eco-friendly way is the necessity today. Hence the idea of doing something so tightly linked to that area. What inspired us to produce organic babywear? The birth of Mary. To find save and healthy babywear for her has proven to be much more difficult than we thought. It has cost us a lot of time and yet we still have not found the truly unique organic cotton products we wanted.

As it has quickly turned out, we were not the only parents looking for hypoallergenic babywear, which is safe for the sensitive skin of a baby. Many of our friends have been faced with a similar problem. Different types of red skin marks and oversensitivity of skin when in contact with a fabric have become their everyday bread. Meanwhile, the media kept informing about the high percentage of baby clothing made of fabrics containing toxic substance.

This has helped us face up to the challenge and create a new organic brand Mon Petit Bébé. The entire production of Mon Petit Bébé babywear is based on the highest quality organic PIMA cotton and is backed by intricate work of medical experts, designers and market research. Our yarns and fabrics are imported directly from Peru, where the most exclusive version of cotton, organic PIMA, grows in the juggle.


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