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Mon Petit Bebe

About us Find out more about the family-owned compnay Mon Petit Bébé offering organic and elegant babywear made from 100% PIMA cotton.


About our standards

Baby’s safety and the Global Organic Textile Strandard (GOTS)

The most crucial for Mon Petit Bébé is baby’s health and safety. This is guaranteed by our highest quality, GOTS certified fabrics and yarns. This standard is used by several certifying agencies such as Control Union or IMO, which confirm the adherence to the rigorous criteria of GOTS.

Thanks to the highest quality certified organic fabrics and yarns, our garments are hypoallergenic, preserve the body temperature and maintain the correct microclimate at the baby’s skin level.

You can find out more about the GOTS standard by clicking at Why organique?.


The functionality of our garments is equally important. Mon Petit Bébé garments are extremely durable (high resistance to mechanical damage and extended usability period), thanks to the Extra Longs Staple Cotton. They are incredibly soft and have flat stitching, protected embroideries and applications, smell beautifully and behave ideally while in wash.

Timeless design

Simplicity and elegance, which simply cannot go unnoticed. Pure, pastel colors of the ideally structured garments are beautify ornamented with the set of subtle embroideries, carefully protected from the inner side to prevent any irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin.

Social responsibility

We act in accordance to the Fair Trade rules. We are proud of the fact the Mon Petit Bébé garments are produce of Poland and stand up to the highest standards. We employ Polish designers, constructors, sewers and knitters – people with passion and long experience. Through our own entrepreneurship we support Polish kitting and craftsmanship industry.

Environmental responsibility

Pure cotton does not only mean safe products for baby’s delicate skin. It is also an eco-friendly cultivation, without the use of fertilizers or pesticides, which are used on a massive scale during cultivation of conventional cotton. These often poison local fields and rivers, but most importantly endanger the life and health of the farmers themselves. It is also a complete rejection of toxic chemistry, used during fiber bleaching and dying phase, which result in eliminating any contaminated production waste.

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